Eight Moons of Klaven

Young Dragonblood of the Klaven Dynasty


An Earth Aspect Outcaste who married into the Klaven Dynasty forty years ago. Not counting those who were born into the Dynasty, he is the fourth youngest member and the senior member of the Wyrms. A quiet man, he takes his duty to Sazaro very seriously and seeks to ensure that those who follow him understand their role well.

An accomplished leader, he has been petitioned by the Scouts to join their ranks several times. However, he decided when he was younger that forays into the Forest, while necessary, were not the best way for him to serve his people. Instead, he has taken control of the rejuvenation of the Steadfasts, ensuring that the common people of Sazaro are well-protected. He has also been a vocal critic of the current state of the watchtowers that run the length of the Forest’s boundary.

His wife passed away two years ago, though not without leaving him one child who Exalted, Arasha Klaven. In the years since her death, rumors have sprung up saying that he pursues Aniko Klaven.


Eight Moons of Klaven

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