Geography of Sazaro

The land of Sazaro is dominated by rolling hills and verdant valleys. Small copses of trees are found throughout, but forests are only allowed to grow to a specific size before they are cut back, for fear that what resides in the Oleander Forest might find shelter there.

The south-east border of Sazaro is delineated by The Green River, a wide river that sparkles like emeralds in the sun. It curves up the east side of the Duchy, providing a defensive position as the Forest is on the other side, before curving due-east and disappearing into the Oleander Forest. On occasion, raiders will swim across the river to raid the rich settlements of Sazaro, but they are far more likely to come from the north-east.

The north-east border of Sazaro is the Forest itself. A line of watchtowers were erected some-sixty years ago and they have proven effective in preventing raids from getting out of hand. They are fortified, with highwalls and strong gates, and none have been breached in the past sixty years.

The majority of the larger settlements are found along the southern portions of the Green River and far from the eastern border. There are only two cities within Sazaro, the capital city and the port town of Egren.

Geography of Sazaro

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