Manses and Demesnes of Sazaro

There are four Manses of reputation within the Duchy of Sazaro along with a multitude of Demesnes.

The Dragons’ Rest is an Air Manse, located near the center of the capital and is considered home by many of the Dynasty, though only senior members of the Dynasty are attuned to it.

The Verdant Abode is a Wood Manse, and home to the Scouts Division, only Aniko Klaven is attuned to it.

The Silver Dojo is a Water Manse, though only the Sifu has seen its hearthstone room.

The Nest is an Earth Manse, and the only Manse to be shared equally with all members of the Dynasty. Part staging ground for the military, part meeting place for the Exalts, the Nest is the first, and usually last, Manse any member of the Dynasty attunes to, at least within the borders of Sazaro. The four hearthstones are generally given to the newest members of the family, allowing for transition from their previous lives to their new while an older member keeps an eye on them.

Manses and Demesnes of Sazaro

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