The Oleander Forest

The name given to the forest that sprawls along the eastern edge of the Duchy of Sazaro and the County of Temesne. Just as the flower it is named after, the forest is incredibly beautiful, but its danger is known throughout the region. The number of beastmen, Wyld-tainted mortals, and other Anathema that reside within its boundaries are unknown, but the number of raiding parties that come out of it have been increasing for the past decade.

When Klaven and his allies drove out Tyrant Dust and her minions from their lands, they pursued them to the far edge of the Oleander Forest, clearing the area of their pestilence. With Temesne, The Thirteen Towers, great castles of white stone were raised along the Green River, that which flows through the heart of the Oleander Forest. Within their protective shadow, towns sprung up, civilized and full of trade. A number of tribes of mortals from the south moved into the area, warlike with each other, but ready allies against the encroachment of the beasts from the east.

In the decades following Klaven’s disappearance, both Sazaro and Temesne became complacent, knowing that the worst had passed, that the great Tyrant was dead. People turned away from the watch they kept, fostering economic growth instead of military. Over a century ago, the East rose up against them, punishing them for the laxness. Hordes of beastmen poured into the forest, bolstered by creatures from the Wyld itself as well as mortals tainted by the edge of Creation. Decades of war followed, ending with the destruction or capture of all of the castles, the utter destruction or conversion of all the once-friendly barbarian tribes within, and the loss of most of Temesne’s land.

Now the forest lies in wait to the east of Sazaro. It is dark, and the forest itself is twisted with the Wyld. On nights of the Full Moon, creatures scuttle forth in hordes to pillage the countryside and capture the unwary.

The Oleander Forest

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