The One Thousand Eminent Sappers

The One Thousand Eminent Sappers are a military company operating primarily on the border of the East. Led by Setusga Dy, they are siege engineers and civil construction experts.

Some of their members are part of the Cult of Setusga Dy


= Early Years =

The Sappers once did number greater than a thousand men. They were locally recruited in the Scavenger Lands by the now-defunct Rultis Army, and trained heavily to undermine the fortresses the army would face. However, after the fall of Rultis at the Battle of Seven Diamonds, the One Thousand Eminent Sappers became a freelance mercenary company.

Over time, attrition degraded their numbers heavily. Many of their clients could not understand the requests they would make, and would deny them important resources. It was not until a wandering outcaste named Setusga Dy happened upon them that they had a leader to make them great.

=Setusga's Reign =

The next several years were a time of relative plenty for the Sappers. They spent a majority of their time building fortifications, allowing them to shore up their numbers with apprentices. Setusga Dy, knowing that a permanent base would become a necessary factor, took his accumulated wealth through working with the Sappers and brought them East. His reasoning was that since the South exemplified typical siege warfare, the Sappers would be able to become a specialist in the unique field of Eastern siege.

It was during this journey East that the Sappers continued their traditional practice of creating a fortified camp each night. During the travel, as they were crossing the last few borders of the Scavenger Lands, the Sappers were attacked in the night by a horde of creatures. After they had been felled, Setusga Dy noticed that the creatures wore scraps of uniforms. In less than a month, the Sappers had found their way to the Duchy of Sazaro.

= Future of the Sappers =

Once Setusga Dy had married into the Klaven Dynasty, the Sappers settled into their new surroundings. It has been over a decade since the arrival, and many of the newer apprentices are intrigued by the challenge of the Oleander Forest and the Thirteen Towers. The only place in the Duchy where retaking them is not considered suicide is within the mess halls of the Sappers, where it is common “shop talk” to construct methods of retaking the forest from various forces.

The One Thousand Eminent Sappers

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