The Thirteen Towers

Once the pride of Temesne, the Thirteen Towers are a series of castles along the Green River. Capable of garrisoning 1,000 troops each, they served as launch pads for expeditions into the forest and safe havens for the surrounding towns, cutting down threats before they materialized. The river provided a quick and safe way to resupply the castle. Further, each castle served as a temple to one of the major gods of the area, the garrison worshiping the appropriate god in order to maintain the alliance between Temesne and the gods of the forest.

Unfortunately, the betrayal of the forest gods and a resurgence of the denizens of the forest dealt the castles, and Temesne as a whole, a deadly blow. It has been eighty years since any civilized person has set foot in any of the castles and a full century since the thirteenth castle was even seen. Dreams of reclamation have since been decried as suicide.


Each of the Thirteen Towers is built as a self-contained fortress. Higher walls face the land side, while docks and ramps allow resupply from the water. The ramps can be intentionally collapsed as a last-ditch defense effort, though records indicate this has never been necessary. A massive well in the center of the keep provides water to the troops, while waste is disposed of through the river itself.

On the opposite side of the river from the fortress is a second defensive position, manned to prevent a besieging force from simply establishing themselves and starving the fortress out. The river is too wide to accommodate a bridge, so troops stranded on one side of the river would be forced to swim to safety. Therefore, this redoubt is a dangerous position to occupy.

Lines of sight were previously maintained from the watchtower on the keep to all the surrounding towns. In case of attack, those towns would be able to light a beacon. The ensuing smoke and fire would alert the garrison, who would immediately deploy a military force. The castle is arranged so that leaving troops can pick up equipment, food, and other gear in a linear fashion, minimizing crossing paths and the ensuing confusion.

The Thirteen Towers

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