The Dragons of the East

The blood of the Dragons runs through the veins of most mortals, in some a trickle, in others a raging river. Out in the Threshold, the Exaltation of a Dragon does not mean the pampered and controlled life of a Dynast or Lookshyan. It does, however, mean a life of opportunity for those who know how to grasp it. Rare is it for a Dragon to go their entire life without the company of others, for blood calls to blood. Small groups, lovers and friends, often form, their goals as myriad as the Dragons themselves. They may amass fortunes, discover lore thought lost forever, find themselves in wars one after the other, or even rise to lead nations.

This campaign will focus on a Brotherhood of four Dragonbloods. At character generation, which we’ll do over breakfast or dinner sometime soon, you will decide what kind of Dragonbloods you want to be. Regardless, you will begin the game in the service of the Klaven Dynasty, a Dragonblood family that rules the Duchy of Sazaro in the Hundred Kingdoms. The Duchy of Sazaro is located to the far South East of the Hundred Kingdoms, and are viewed as the last proper kingdom until the East begins.

One thing I would prefer is if the group elected a character as the nominal leader. This is the person that the group looks up to, one whom everyone likes, follows, or respects. They will be responsible for quelling problems within the group and making the hard decisions if no other character is willing to. We’re not looking for a dictator, but a director.

Character creation will be based on the wiki character creation rules. If you have any questions, feel free to send out an email until Kenny is able to set up the forums. Just as a note, you may not be a part of any Gentes or Great House, however, you may have Contacts or Influence with the Realm or Lookshy. One last thing, Outcastes are generally forced to have some sort of martial skill in order to survive. It’s recommended, but not required, that you have at least 2 dots in a Martial Skill.

This game would not be a sandbox, there would be a definite plot for you all to follow. Of course, you’re free to have a lot of leeway with it.

Dragons of the East

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