Aniko Klaven – Young member of the Klaven Dynasty, she has shown a great deal of promise as a martial artist and strategist. She is the founder of the elite Scouts Division and has lead more forays into the Oleander Forest than any Dragonblood under the age of 200.

County of Temesne – A long time ally of the Duchy of Sazaro, it is now more of a large refugee camp than a country. A century ago, its boundaries claimed 10 times the territory it currently does, stretching far into the Oleander Forest along the Green River. The invasion of the Beastmen 80 years ago overwhelmed their defenses and reduced their territory to a small area outside the forest.

Duchy of Sazaro – A country the size of Slovenia in the far east of the Hundred Kingdoms. It has been ruled by the Klaven Dynasty for over 250 years and is currently at war with the denizens of the Oleander Forest.

Erze Klaven – The last Duchess of Sazaro, mother to the current Duke, Lajos Klaven, and the granddaughter of the progenitor of the Dynasty, Klaven himself. She ruled Sazaro for 140 years, before dying in an ambush that marked the resurgence of the Oleander Forest.

Galli Klaven Horticulturist, activist, mortal descendant of the dynasty. Wife of Thlayli Thethuthunnang Klaven, a Dragonblood member of the Scouts.

Hrairoo – Extremely rare creature formerly found plentiful within the Oleander Forest. Attracted to terrestrials born to the forest, serving as faithful mounts and allies.

The Black Crane of Inle’ – Mythological creature feared by tribal denizens of The Oleander Forest. Sometimes referred to as the One-Winged Crane of Ill Omen.

Klaven Dynasty – Ruling family of the Duchy of Sazaro. While they trace their lineage to the Dragonblood Klaven and the leader of the family is also a Dragonblood, the majority of the family is mortal. The current patriarch and Duke is Lajos Klaven.

Lajos Klaven – The current Duke of Sazaro, son of Erze Klaven. He has spent the four years of his reign militarizing the nation in preparation for an all-out war against the Oleander Forest. While brash and confident, he is an inspirational and caring leader by the people.

The Oleander Forest – 300 years ago, it was the center of Tyrant Dust’s empire. After a decade of fighting, Klaven and his brotherhood managed to push all her minions out of the forest, casting them out into the Wyld Forests of the far East. Over the next two centuries, the land was settled by Temesne and the friendly barbarian tribes. 90 years ago, the Beastmen returned in mass with allies from the Wyld. The War of Crimson Petals followed, lasting ten years. It culminated in the complete destruction of all allied forces within the Forest. Since then, it has been inhabited by the forces of the Wyld and tainted by them.

The Owsla – Tribe of beast riders that once dwelt in the Oleander Forest. Eradicated to a single member by savage beastmen.

Sebatta Klaven – High General of the Sazaro military, he is the head of the Army, though Aniko Klaven retains sole command of the Scouts.

Sherma Klaven – The Sifu of the Silver Dojo and the oldest member of the Klaven Dynasty. Widely respected and trusted, he eschews politics, preferring to remain as an adviser and teacher.

The Silver Dojo – The Manse/Dojo of Sherma Klaven, its structure is very similar to a Chinese Garden with its low walls and tranquil pools. All natural-born members of the Dynasty must attend the Dojo for one year before they are considered to be adults. It is currently the home of thirty students.

Steadfast – Present in every village, town, and city of reasonable size, Steadfasts are a mixture of barracks, mustering ground, and training center for their area.

The Thirteen Towers – A set of thirteen semi-mythical castles that run along the Green River through the Oleander Forest. They allowed Temesne to maintain a zone of control along the Green River, one that maintained peace for the numerous towns and settlements that sprung up within their protective shadow. Now all are assumed to be in ruins or controlled by the enemy.

Tyrant Dust – A legendary Lunar who ruled a land that encompassed the Oleander Forest, the Duchy of Sazaro, and the County of Temesne. Her reign was one of brutal horror, mortals were used as slave labor and breeding stock, while her feral Beastmen ruled the land. She was defeated due to the efforts of the Dragonblood Klaven and his four companions.

The Verdant Abode – The headquarters of the Scout Division and personal Manse of Aniko Klaven. It takes the form of a Grove just inside the boundaries of the Oleander Forest, but it is free of the taint that infests the rest of the area.

The War of Crimson Petals – A conflict between the people of the civilized lands of Temesne and Sazaro and their ancient enemies, the descendants of Tyrant Dust.


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