Character Creation

Character Creation

I don’t like the core Character Creation. So we’re going to give this a shot.

Instead of bonus points, attribute points, ability points, and all that, you’re simply going to receive experience points.

The below table notes the exp you get in each category. A user may choose to not spend all their exp in a particular category if they wish, but must spend a minimum amount as noted. Any unspent exp can be spent in other areas or banked.

All purchases must be documented so your ST can recreate your character with your math. Keep tabs (preferably electronically). Special notes are listed below.



Things to keep in mind when creating your character.

  • You are a part of the Klaven Dynasty through marriage. Your spouse is not Exalted, but he or she was born to the ruling family of the Duchy of Sazaro. Your marriage was arranged as part of your oath of allegiance.
  • Befitting your status, you start with Cult 1 from the national religion of the Duchy. You also begin with Backing 3 in any organization that you wish to create in the Duchy. If you don’t wish to create any organization, then you may simply take Backing 3 (Duchy of Sazaro), to represent your position as a member of the Dynasty. Further, you start with Resources 2, to represent the stipend the Dynasty gives you.

Attribute Points
All Attributes begin with 1 point within them.

Ability Points
Choose 3 Favored Abilities. Given the nature of Dragonbloods, I would highly recommend one of the Favored Abilities being Martial Arts. Dragonbloods benefit greatly from having easy access to Martial Arts Styles, as they are generally on par with, if not better than, regular Dragonblood charms. Eventually being able to pursue Celestial Martial Arts, which far outstrip most Dragonblood charms, is also quite nice.

All Favored and Caste Abilities begin with 1 free point within them. Either through training or strange memories, you seem to understand these abilities naturally. If craft is a caste or favored skill, pick one type of craft (Fire, Earth, Water, Magitech, etc) for this free point to be invested into. We will be using the Mundane craft rules, where you pick a ‘main’ Mundane Craft Aspect and ‘specialize’ into other Mundane Crafts. Please note, custom Craft charms for Dragonbloods are highly recommended.

No Ability may exceed 4 dots at character creation.

Specialties are now gained naturally through training. For every point in an Ability after the first dot, you gain one Specialty. There is no limit to the number of different Specialties in an Ability that you may have, however, at no point will you be able to apply more than +3 to any particular roll from your Specialties. Mundane Craft may be expanded via these Specialties.


  • You receive 7 free Backgrounds at Character Creation. You may purchase more Backgrounds with experience points at 3 experience per dot. Please read the House Rules for information regarding Backgrounds, some have changed.
  • Willpower starts at 5, it may be raised via experience purchase.
  • Virtues each start with 1 dot and you may spend 5 extra dots as you see fit.


  • All backgrounds are purchased in a similar way as Solars. You do not gain extra Artifacts or Manses, however, Retainers and Henchmen are still available. Command is not, but Followers is. Followers provide the same quality of mortals as Command does, simply at a reduced number of mortals gained per dot. Some other changes have been made to backgrounds as well, please consult the House Rules for more information.
  • Characters may purchase equipment equal to their resources + 1 during creation. While you are limited monthly on purchases, you can start with up to 2 items at creation at your resource level, up to 8 at your level -1, or anything within reason at your level -2.
  • You may not raise Cult higher than 2.
  • Backing may not exceed 4.
  • You may purchase up to Breeding 3 as if you were a Dynast, i.e., one Background point per.
  • Artifact is limited to 2 dots at character creation.
  • Manse is limited to 3 dots at character creation.
  • Followers is limited to 3 dots at character creation.
  • Resources is limited to 4 dots at character creation.
  • Backing and Influence is limited to 4 dots for non-PC groups at character creation.
  • Ally is limited to 4 dots at character creation.
  • Character-created organizations may exist as long as you have the requisite number of Followers, Resources, Retainers, Henchmen, Influence, and Contacts.
  • Backgrounds may be pooled together


  • Charms cost a variable amount based on their Essence requirement. Favored Charms cost (3 * Minimum Essence) experience. Nonfavored Charms cost (4 * Minimum Essence) experience.
  • In addition to experience, you have three Free Excellencies of your choice. The only requirement is that they be from Favored or Caste Abilities.

Extra Experience

Extra experience may be earned by creating wiki articles that are pertinent to your character. Articles that expand upon your character’s place of origin, organization, family history, and other such things would be acceptable. One experience per article, to a max of 5 experience, may be earned in this fashion, but they must be submitted by August 4th to be applicable. After August 4th, any articles you write will be counted as the one XP per week wiki article.

Other Notes

  • Essence will be raised by me at appropriate times. Probably once every other Story.
  • Thaumaturgical Degrees may be purchased at character creation as Specialties. They may also be purchased as Specialties later on in Game. Thaumaturgical Rituals may be purchased for 1 experience point per 2 Rituals. Note: Having a Degree gives you a +1 die to rolls involving that type of Thaumaturgy. For all Arts of Thaumaturgy, you are considered to have knowledge of all listed rituals that you qualify for if you have the degree. The noted exception is Art of Alchemy, where you gain 3 Rituals only per Degree.
  • Resources, Influence, Backing, Contacts, and Spies will all be very useful. Without an equal number of Resources, you cannot feed and pay your Followers. Without Contacts and Spies, you may have trouble finding good work. Without Backing and Influence, you won’t have anyone to call in favors from. You do not need to have an explanation for ‘Resources’, though I’m happy if you do. If you do not, then it’s simply assumed that your Resources come from the jobs that you do as Mercenaries. Of course, if you don’t work as mercenaries for a month or two, your Resources will dry up.

Character Creation

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