County of Temesne

On the southern border of the Duchy of Sazaro.

380 sq. miles.

Total Population – 30,000

City of Temesne – 18,000

Count Vlandis

A once powerful ally of Sazaro, Temesne has been reduced to a shadow of its former self. Lacking the powerful Dragonblood of its neighbor, it has been unable to defend itself against the burgeoning threat of the East.

Eighty years ago, Temesne was known as the Duchy of Temesne, one of Sazaro’s only true allies. Their source of power was two-fold, their alliance with the gods of the Oleander Forest and The Thirteen Towers. At it’s greatest extent, Temesne extended 120 miles farther east than it currently does deep into the Oleander Forest along the Green River. It only retains the land it does through the virtue of its old ally who garrisons its lands. Unfortunately, the loss of so much arable land has rendered famine a constant worry as its large city needs to import its food from either Sazaro or lands farther away.

County of Temesne

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