Galli Klaven

Galli Klaven has seen 35 Calibrations. She has spent a majority of her years studying the flora of the Olenader Forest, it was not until her early 20’s before she took on another hobby, activism.

Purely pedestrian in nature, (as most aristocrats do not truly understand struggle especially those who have any form of terrestrial bloodline in the Dynasty) Galli took up the struggle of the tribes that are staying in the Oleander Forest not because it is their home; rather because they are protecting things ancient and sacred to them. She recognized that several of the tribes were ensuring that rare plants and animals that had existed at the borders between Creation and the Wyld would survive the rampaging beasts that had decimated many of their cultures. Educating other like-minded people and those who had no idea of the destruction of the many “barbaric” cultures.

Galli’s parents made many attempts over the years to introduce her to appropriate suitors. Outcasts from various City-States on the Hundred Kingdoms to disenfranchised warriors from Lookshy or the Realm. But her independent streak and various “causes” made her unappealing or she just flat out refused due to the lack of understanding the plight of the “people”. Though that all changed several years ago when the Hrairoo riding tribe The Owsla had been attacked by beastmen leaving only one survivor the wood aspect Thalayli and his companion Big Wig. Seeing an opportunity to grow their bloodline with strong terrestrial blood and appeal to the nature of their daughter, Galli’s parents introduced the two.

Although Galli insisted she did not have time for marriage and was not to be used as a breeding vessel, she could not deny that this terrestrial was the last of a line and without her an entire culture could disappear. After several trying weeks the two agreed to marriage. Her to prevent a society from being completely destroyed and he to have the chance to gain the strength needed for his revenge.

Galli usually attends functions and awareness raising events without her husband who is generally busy with the Scouts. Though she is aware of the truth that he would rather stare into the Oleander daring any wyld tainted creature to venture forth, than press flesh with even the most compassionate and influential nobles. It is whispered (often loud enough for her to hear) at private parties that Thalayli has no love for Galli, nor will he ever. She is not offended by this, as she understands that the patient, capable, rider from the wood is too busy preventing what happened to his people from happening to his new people. The truth actually is that the last survivor of the Owsla tribe does not want to thin the blood of his people, believing the only way to continue his line would be through another terrestrial mate.

Galli Klaven

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