House Rules

Background Alterations

  • Sifu is worth the following:
    1 Dot – 1 Terrestrial
    2 Dots – 3 Terrestrial
    3 Dots – 3 Terrestrial 1 Celestial – Able to induct you into Celestial Styles
    4 Dots – 5 Terrestrial 2 Celestial – Able to induct you into Celestial Styles
    5 Dots – 5 Terrestrial 4 Celestial – Able to induct you into Celestial Styles
  • Ally as it is written is eliminated. Just as a clarification, Contacts are people you know throughout Creation. For every dot in Contacts you have, you know one major person who is happy to give you information, help orient you to the area they live, even set you up with some networking and give you a place to crash for a little while. However, they don’t provide material benefits so much. Further, the number of dots you have in Contacts is used to determine your Contacts dice pool. Whenever you enter a new area, you roll that dice pool to determine if you have any minor Contacts in that area. Minor contacts might be acquaintances or people who have heard of you through mutual friends. They’re good ‘jumping points’ for you when you get to a new area.
    Allies are a bit more than that. They represent people of real power in Creation who count you as a friend. A 1-dot Ally might be a high-ranking Mortician who can guide you to the Underworld or help you out of a jam in Sijan, he would also be willing to help sneak you out of a besieged city in a funerary barge if he’s in the area. A 2-dot Ally might be a Technician from Lookshy or Paragon, someone who is capable and willing to help repair your Artifacts, give you accurate information on an ancient item, or even create low-level Artifacts for you if you bring him the ingredients and a bit of money. A 3-dot Ally might be a mid-ranking Merchant Prince of the Guild, who is happy to loan his poor friend a Resources 4 purchase or set him up with a great trade route. A 4-dot Ally might be Shield of a Different Day, one of the three gods of Great Forks. If you requested her aid and she found it worthy, then she might give you a detachment of elite troops for a short period of time or grant you sanctuary from your dangerous enemies.
  • Spies are networks of informants that you have ‘tapped into’. They generally are able to procure items, information, and accomplish minor tasks that may be seen as less than savory.
  • Familiars have been reworked. Please consult the Familiar Page for more information.

Charm Cost

Dragonblood and Terrestrial Martial Arts Charms cost an amount of experience equal to their Minimum Essence * 3 or * 4 for Favored and Nonfavored Abilities respectively

Celestial Martial Arts and Enlightenment charms cost Minimum Essence * 3 experience each for Favored MA and Minimum Essence * 4 experience each for Nonfavored MA.

Sorcery and Necromancy costs 9 experience each for Favored Occult and 12 experience each for Nonfavored Occult

Defense Values

I’m changing Defense Values around a bit. Resistance may be used instead of Melee/Martial Arts for Parry DV. Athletics may be used instead of Dodge for Dodge DV.

Experience Pools

Experience will be given in two parts, Mortal Experience and Exalted Experience. Mortal Experience must be spent on Virtues, Willpower, Abilities, Attributes, Backgrounds, and Specialties. Exalted Experience may be spent in any way.

A normal session will net you 3 Mortal Experience and 3 Exalted Experience. One Wiki Article per week will net you 1 Mortal Experience per week. Forum roleplay will net you 1 Exalted Experience per week.

Shards of the Exalted Dream Charms

Lore Charms are completely open and would be useful in most powerful Manses. Firearms Charms are only useful for Alchemical Fire Weapons (75, Wonders of the Lost Age), Fire Wands, and Flame Pieces. Large Artillery Pieces that rely upon Firedust or Essence would also be applicable for a 1m surcharge per charm.

Sail and Ride Charms

Sail is now called Pilot. Any and all charms that have to do with driving, sailing, flying, and warstrider use would fall under this Ability. Further, all appropriate Ride charms are also transferred over.

Ride is now called Animal Ken and contains all charms having to do with animals. All Familiar Charms are also transferred to this Ability as well as any charms that have to do with communicating, using, or interacting with non-persons.

Training Times

The training times on learning Sorcery and/or Necromancy are reduced to that of their base charm x2. However, creating or modifying spells is the same as core.

Essence will not need to be trained or bought with experience.

All Dragonblood and Terrestrial Martial Arts charms are trained as normal.

Thoughts on Ability Levels

I think that Solar Charms, and even some Sidereal and Dragonblood Charms, misrepresent Ability levels. Just to clarify a few things, I’d like to give people a rundown on how I view different ability levels. This is to give an idea about how NPCs will be stated out.

1 dot: Well-trained, capable in the field, recent graduate from their school.
2 dots: Respected for their knowledge and ability, someone who has been using the ability for a number of years.
3 dots: Considered a master of their craft, an assistant-Sifu, probably has a reputation within their area as the person to consult regarding the ability.
4 dots: Rarefied height of achievement; venerable professor or craftsman
5 dots: Pinnacle of achievement, decades upon decades of work towards this goal.


Specialties will be by Core, meaning Specialty – Reaper Daiklave, Specialty – Barehanded, Specialty – First Age Technology, Specialty – Solar Charms are all applicable. This is mostly due to the nature of Dragonblood Excellencies and how they use the Ability + Pertinent Specialty.

Keep in mind that some specialties are still too broad, even under this system. Specialty – Swords is not applicable as there are many different types of swords and they vary greatly.

Anima Flux

Dragonblood Anima works in the following way:

House Rules

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