Hrairoo or “Dragon Wolves” are native to the far reaches of the forests of the East. None have seen one born, pregnant or mate to know where exactly they come from, but when they do come, tribes of the Eastern Reaches know that a dragonblooded child is to be born.

Considered an omen to the tribes, the sighting of a Hrairoo often falls during times of trials of adulthood or when a young mortals second breath is fast approaching. The Hrairoo feels the motonic connection to the elements and terrestrials in a manner than none really understand.

Before they meet their destined friend and master, their coat lacks any luster, they are small and often are easy prey for the predators of the forest. They tend to make their dens near where their future rider may exalt, it is considered a tremendous blessing by many if not all the mortal tribes of the East to find one resting on your roof or near your home. Once the dragonblooded child exalts though, the Hrairoo goes through a change very similar to their new bound rider. Their coat and hide becomes luxurious, they grow stronger and for all intensive purposes exalt themselves into the element of the Dragonblood to which they are bound.

The connection between rider and beast is a bond of incredible strength. The Hrairoo tends to accentuate if not strengthen the virtues of its rider, they are inseparable and accepting of each other so much so that tribal legends of the feats they achieve are well known. Depressingly, when rider or mount passes, often either will become inconsolable and overwhelmed with depression…often the survivor becomes a solitary hermit living out the rest of their days hoping that in the next life they will meet their mate again.

By default, all Hrairoo are 3 dot familiars with the following required mutations: Elemental Adaptation (of the element of their rider) and Thought-Speech Link. All mutations should fit the element the Hrairoo will be “ridden” in most. Water Aspected would have adaptations to swim better, fire to survive in the desert, etc. As their Terrestrial master grows in strength the Hrairoo evolves to suit the strengths of their masters. Watching a Hrairoo go through the evolution is said to be one of the most beautiful things a mortal has seen.


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