Klaven Dynasty

Founded in R.Y. 515 by Klaven, an Earth Aspect from the North. He, with his Sworn Brotherhood, drove out the mad Lunar Tyrant Dust who previously controlled the area that has become known as the Duchy of Sazaro along with a good portion of the land to the East. The Klaven Dynasty has since served as a shield against the depraved creatures that lurk further East, a mixture of the descendants of Tyrant Dust, Wyld-Crazed Mortals, and other dangerous creatures that lurk within the depths of the East.

The progenitor Klaven disappeared only sixty years into his reign while out hunting. When he did not return after a month, his daughter, Erze Klaven, ruled as Regent. She ruled as such for 50 years, becoming Duchess only once everyone in the Dynasty agreed that their forebear was dead. Due to the Dynasty’s Dragonblood heritage, only Exalts are allowed to serve as the head of the nation and many make up important parts of the military as well. To ensure the continuity of the line, the Dynasty tightly controls the marriages of its members, in hopes that more members will Exalt to protect and lead the Duchy. To this end, Outcastes are granted positions of authority and marriage to proper members of the Dynasty.

Due in part to the Dynasty’s refusal to marry their children to anyone not closely related to a Dragonblood, and their requirement that any child who Exalts belongs to the Klaven Dynasty, the Duchy of Sazaro has few true allies. In a land where marriages seal Alliances, the Klavens stand with only one ally, the County of Temesne and it is more a vassal than a true ally.

In the past 250 years, only thirty children of the Dynasty have Exalted. Combined with the twelve Outcastes that the Dynasty has attracted in that time, and the casualty rate of being so near a hotbed of Wyld and Lunar meddling, and the Dynasty today stands at 23 Dragonbloods and 43 mortals. The current head of the Dynasty is Lajos Klaven, fourth son of Erze, who has ruled for three years overseeing a massive rejuvenation in the military.

It should be noted that there is little official discrimination against adopted members of the Dynasty. Inheritance is hereditary, so it is unlikely that an adopted Dragonblood would become the Duke or Duchess, however, it is not against the laws.

Notable Members

Klaven Dynasty

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