The Silver Dojo

A garden several days walk from the city of Sazaro, its low walls and lattice-work gates would do little to defend it from any attack. Those who reside within are considered defense enough, even in these times of danger. Sherma Klaven, a Wood-Aspect who came to Sazaro while Klaven still ruled, has been the Caretaker and Sifu of this place for over two-hundred years. His knowledge of the Martial Arts of Creation is known far and wide, though it has been decades since he left the Duchy to partake in a tournament, much to the relief of its participants.

The students are mostly composed of mortals, either those who were chosen at a young age or those who wish to join the elite forces of the military. There are also a few Godbloods who call Sherma Sifu. Lastly, every born member of the Klaven Dynasty is required to spend at least one year with Sherma Klaven, with the hope that his training may spark their Exaltation.

One never truly graduates from the Silver Dojo. Though several of his students have gone on to start Dojos of their own throughout the Scavenger Lands, all would still call the Silver Dojo their school and Sherma their Sifu. Generally, elite troops spend two years here, attempting to master their Essence, regardless of if they succeed or not, they invariably emerge stronger of mind and body than when they entered. The majority of those who leave the school go on to accomplish great feats within the Oleander Forest.

While his students make up the majority of the inhabitants of the Dojo, every year sees three or four visitors from abroad. Generally, these are respected Martial Artists who have come to speak with the great Sifu, exchange their thoughts over tea, or even practice together. Many of these ask if the rumors of the Oleander Forest are true. If Sherma believes them capable enough, he invites them to visit the Forest with him. Legends of these ventures have spread throughout the Duchy and the ventures usually coincide with a great quieting of the Forest. The Scouts Division usually stumbles upon the remains of ferocious creatures in the days after.

The Silver Dojo

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